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Bring the magic of Christmas to life : The Santa Academy mobile app


Under NDA


$100,000 – $ 125,000




United Kingdom

Technology Stack

React Native, PHP Laravel, Javascript, AWS, CloudFront CDN


Our client wanted to develop an engaging mobile app for kids that would educate them about the history and traditions of Christmas in a fun and interactive way. They wanted the app to be user-friendly and accessible to kids of all ages.


We developed a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms that was aimed at kids and their parents. The app included a variety of engaging features, such as animations, audios, videos, and quizzes, to help children learn about Christmas and its traditions in a fun and interactive way. The app was designed to be user-friendly and accessible to kids of all ages, with easy navigation and a colorful, attractive design.

Value delivered

Our client was thrilled with the final product we delivered, as the mobile app exceeded their expectations in terms of engagement and functionality. The app has been a hit with kids and parents alike, with thousands of downloads and positive reviews. Our client was able to expand their reach and build their brand through the app, as well as provide a valuable educational resource to families during the holiday season.

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