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Solution Architecture & Design

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Enhancing technology through the development of scalable solutions to address intricate challenges.

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Solution Architecture & Design

Empowering clients with future-proof platform, app solutions architecture through industry-standard design.

Revolutionizing solutions through cutting-edge architecture, data, service, and design. Ensuring compliance with business and security requirements.

  • Requirement Modeling
  • Architecture analysis
  • Prototyping/POC
  • Architecture Principles Detailing/Layout/Solutioning

Innovating next-gen app architecture aligned with enterprise architecture.

  • Application assessment and classification
  • Gap analysis
  • To be architecture
  • Information/Security/Disaster Recovery architecture

Adopting new tech and streamlining enterprise deployment. Integrating tech and domain with accelerators.

  • Research and strategy
  • Rapid ideation and design
  • Build vs. buy evaluation
  • Beyond web and mobile channels

Bringing data to life through modeling and storytelling. Adopting modern data architecture with streaming, messaging, and batch processing.

  • Domain data modeling
  • Information architecture
  • Data modeling/analytics/migration/visualization
  • Data subscriptions
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Cognitive & Intelligent Automation

Leveraging AI, BPM, and RPA to optimize data ingestion, storage, and manipulation for improved business outcomes and increased efficiency.

Offering tailored enterprise consulting for ideal automation solutions.

  • End-to-end automation strategy
  • Envision customer journey
  • Optimize operations to reduce cost
  • Product evaluation & planning

Enhancing automation operations through expert support from ideation to maintenance.

  • Center of Excellence development
  • Automation roadmap & strategy
  • Support & maintenance
  • Implementation

Bringing process governance and digital transformation to life through engineering expertise.

  • Business Process Management
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Data & Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Driving informed decisions with business intelligence and real-time analytics. Measuring automation progress with key metrics.

  • Real-time reporting
  • Productivity tracking
  • Resource & infrastructure utilization
Cognitive (1)

Quality Engineering & Automation

Providing tailored testing services for all domains, technologies, and applications. Consolidating people, processes, tools, and infrastructure into a shared services approach. Delivering improved quality, faster time to market, and reduced testing costs as tangible business benefits.

Customizing framework and test development for banking applications.

  • Data-driven domain testing
  • Message-based testing
  • Customized accelerators/tools
  • Automated tools for audit & disclosures

Providing comprehensive end-to-end automation through various testing methods.

  • UI, API, and application-based testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Performance testing
  • Network, security & presentation testing

Adopting a process-oriented approach for QA automation.

  • Agile frameworks for automation programs
  • Process definition, artifacts - templates and checklists
  • Audits and standardization
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting

Automating functional, regression, and smoke testing. Streamlining enterprise-level automation with a framework and codeless approach.

  • Shift left automation approach
  • Behavior-driven tests
  • RPA-led QA process
  • Cognitive AI/ML techniques
Quality Engineering

Microservices & API Development

Implementing state-of-the-art microservices architecture for scalable and robust solutions with end-to-end visibility. Focusing on integrating complex applications.
Transforming enterprise API development, migration, and maintenance.

Crafting resilient, scalable, interoperable, and non-redundant services.

  • Domain-driven design & cloud native
  • Digitalization roadmap & application portfolio rationalization
  • Loosely couple services
  • Messaging, APIs, Gateways, and Meshes for interoperability

Engineering single responsibility microservices using the most suitable design patterns.

  • Single responsibility
  • Fault tolerant
  • Elasticity
  • Orchestration

Speeding up build processes and testing with continuous integration and build.

Achieving cost-effective, automated, and reliable deployments.

  • Scalable microservice and container orchestration
  • Managed/serverless
  • Continuous integration & deployment pipelines
  • Track key insights - DORA metrics

Efficiently monitoring service health and performance.

  • Performance monitoring
  • Distributed tracing
  • Anti-corruption layer - protecting domain models from intrusion
  • Log visualizations
API Development


Blending software development and IT operations for faster time to market and increased efficiency.
Enhancing process automation and application delivery through collaborative work environments.

Employing efficient agile methodologies for software development.

  • Lean SDLC Practices
  • Continuous integration and testing
  • Operational readiness
  • Release planning

Accelerating time to market with reduced delays and increased production releases.

  • On-demand infrastructure provisioning
  • Continuous delivery
  • Synthetic transactions
  • AI Ops including outage prediction

Leveraging best practices to prioritize business goals and implement monitoring controls.

  • Knowledge & content management
  • Monitoring/Alerts/Performance Analysis
  • Cross functional and product trainings
  • Disaster recovery

Incorporating security and data quality into the development lifecycle from the outset.

  • Security vulnerability coverage
  • Data pipeline integration
  • Data security at rest and in-transit
  • Data replication and recovery

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Using top-notch techniques to extract insights and streamline automated decision-making.
Drawing on extensive experience in building high-performing AI and data science solutions to inform our standards and practices.

Revolutionizing businesses through cost optimization and enhanced operational efficiency.

Guiding stakeholders to make data-driven decisions.

  • Insights with strong domain understanding
  • Linguistic analysis of text, speech, and embedded data using natural language processing
  • Processing images, video, and OCR using computer vision
  • Feedback control

Gleaning meaningful insights from business data to detect issues and predict future outcomes.

  • Data mining
  • Improved data realization
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Anomaly detection

Executing machine learning model training, testing, and implementation.

  • Decision-making insight
  • Scoring and classification
  • Model continuous bias monitoring and control
  • Model optimization and lifecycle management

Constructing a set of architectural principles for deploying and monitoring data science models in production.

  • Hot-swappable (support upgrade/downgrade on demand)
  • Limited boot-up time for models
  • Runtime trackability
Data Analytics


B2B mobile app for diagnostic tests booking

Health and Fitness

Mobile app and web platform for a leading ALS research organization


B2B mobile app for diagnostic tests booking

Health and Fitness

Mobile app and web platform for a leading ALS research organization

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